25 Bleach icons + extras

Bleach icons for epic_colours {30}
Miscellanea {Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Silent Hill, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, The Walking Dead}

♥ Please, credit eve_sparda if you pick any
♥ Comments are love
♥ Textless icons are not bases
♥ Enjoy!

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Tutorial 003

The lovely teniente_ross asked in my Ask the Maker's thread for a tutorial about this and this. Given the fact that these two gifs were made using the same techniques, I've decided to turn the request into a tutorial on how to make small gifs from images using a program called UnFREEze.

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And that's it! This is a really easy and handy way to make simple gifs. I hope this tutorial has encouraged you to try and see how it goes! :D

Tutorial 002

Here it goes the second tutorial I have ever made in my life. Hope you find it clear and useful!

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Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial :D You can ask me whatever you want, I'll try to answer everything as clearly as possible ;)

Porque iré a buscarte

Autor: eve_sparda // Eve Sparda
Fandom: Resident Evil
Personajes: Claire Redfield y Steve Burnside
Título: Porque iré a buscarte
Resumen: Claire y Steve tienen que colaborar para poder escapar de Rockfort Island, pero lo que empieza siendo una relación de conveniencia puede acabar uniéndoles más. Claire/Steve.
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